Bernhausen Diesel Engine Repair in Langley is BC's Authorized Distributor of DFC Diesel engines

DFC Diesel remanufactures Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax diesel engines. They back their craftsmanship with a 5 year 160,000 km (100,000 mi) warranty that they stand behind.

Celtic Tuning- Diesel Truck tuning

Based out of the UK, Celtic Tuning are specialists in the development of engine management software. Employing a specialist team of graduate level software developers, Celtic Tuning software development is carried out in house using state of the art facilities which very few companies can rival.

Bernhausen Diesel Engine Repair in Surrey BC uses Magnaflow products

MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Their parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. If you’re looking for quality, power and sound, then you’re looking for MagnaFlow.

Bernhausen Diesel Truck Repair uses SCT products

SCT Performance manufactures handheld automotive performance & fuel economy programmers and Custom Tuning Software for Ford, General Motors and Dodge / Chrysler vehicles.

Bernhausen Diesel Engine Truck Repair uses Full Force Diesel

Full Force Diesel has become a leader in the 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke injector industry. Rebuilding injectors for the powerstroke diesel that deliver outstanding performance and superior quality. Full Force Diesel offers a wide range of options from Stock Replacement to all out High Performance injectors.

Bernhausen Diesel Performance Repairs uses ARP Racing products

ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and marine applications.

Bernhausen Diesel Engine Truck Repair uses Stanadyne products

In a rapidly-evolving world demanding ever lower emissions and greater efficiency, Stanadyne is leading the way with innovative solutions for the most complex challenges facing fuel systems. Across automotive, construction, agriculture and other industries, they are always moving technology forward to deliver best-in-class performance and enable engines to be cleaner, more efficient, and more powerful.

Bernhausen Diesel Performance and Repair uses Gearhead Products

Gearhead strives to offer the best in diesel tuning products that produce both the maximum available power and fuel economy as well as the lowest smoke (particulate) output.

Bernhausen Diesel Performance Truck Repair uses Bully Dog Products

Since its founding in 1998, Bully Dog has been known for innovation and creativity among truck owners and enthusiasts. From new vehicle support, to switch-on-the-fly power levels, to big rig power and economy tuning, Bully Dog offers unrivaled solutions to truck drivers the world over.