Bernhausen Diesel’s Online Introduction

Bernhausen Diesel’s Online Introduction

Bernhausen Diesel Online Introduction

At Bernhausen Diesel, customers have been telling owner Satya Bernhausen that reasonable costs and specialized service are important to them right now. Being innovative with our solutions for our customer’s problems is key. We specialize in Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax Diesel equipped truck repair, general maintenance and performance modifications. Over the past couple years, we have noticed people are looking to make their money go further, fuel economy and reliability is a big concern! “Our latest specialized training allows us to quickly adapt to meet our customers needs which save them money on costly dealer visits“ says Bernhausen. Case in point, Bernhausen’s new SCT Tuners. This recent technology allows the technicians to custom program the latest vehicle computers, overriding factory settings and truly customizing how the truck runs. With strict pollution standards today’s Diesel engines have become very complex, specialized factory training and experience allows Bernhausen to understand the complex emission systems.

The average diesel truck owner has specific needs and demands for their trucks and often turns to after-market modifications. With 10 years of BD Diesel Performance factory experience we have the know-how to recommend the right upgrade for your needs and trucks application. BD Diesel gives our technicians the ability to make these modifications work in sync with the rest of the vehicle, increasing engine efficiency, performance and increasing reliability. Customers work directly with the technicians to establish what needs to be done and if it is in their budget. “We do not just sell the products we understand them”!

As BC’s custom diesel tuning center for SCT Tuners as well as other brands like Spartan, Smarty, PPE and Edge, Bernhausen Diesel can increase the fuel economy and horse power of most diesel equipped trucks. “People are holding on to their trucks longer due to economic times, being an authorized dealers lets us custom tune for specific needs so keeping their trucks becomes a better option than buying a new one.” Says Bernhausen. We offer nothing but the highest quality range of towing, performance and fuel economy modifications, our aim is to improve the durability of their diesel engine, so they do not have to keep coming back”. Honest Service and a personal touch is also what keep customers loyal.

With so much focus on the environment, emissions and fuel injection systems have become very complex and costly to the owner to maintain or replace. As part of our dedication to improving this technology we have recently teamed up with manufactures like Bullet Proof Diesel and Swamps Diesel who specialize in engineering more reliable components to replace these high-failure diesel engine parts. We are BC’s stocking distributor allowing us to offer a more reliable choice and a less expensive option than going to the dealers. Contact the experts to discuss your diesels options and make your truck the work horse it was meant to be!

Dedication for the latest technology is what allows Bernhausen Diesel to remain #1 in BC